This section will help answer some of the general questions you may have with regard to Aldar Academies.
For deltaild information related to The Pearl Primary School or Al Yasmina All Age (3-18) School please visit the respective web sites

1. How many schools do you have?
We currently have two schools in Abu Dhabi, The Pearl Primary School and Al Yasmina. By September 2009 will have opened a further two schools and over the next 5 years we expect to have opened 20 schools

2. When will the school day begin and when will it end?
Timings for each of our school may vary slightly but we expect them to start around 8 am and finish around 2.30 pm.

3. When will the school year begin and end?
The school term usually beings around the first week in September each year and finishes at the beginning of July the following year. The school year for all Aldar Academies schools will be the same.

4. What will be the number of pupils per classroom?
The maximum number of pupils in our primary classes will be 24 and 20 in our secondary classes

5. Are there any admission exams?
Admission will depend on previous school reports. Where reports are inconclusive an assessment will be required to ensure the pupil can access the Curriculum

6. What is the deadline for submitting applications for registration?
Normally registration applications are accepted from 1st February annually for admission in September. However registration can be processed at any time during the Academic year based on available places.

7. When will parents/guardians receive confirmation that registration has been approved?
We expect to be able to inform most parents whether or not their son/daughter has been allocated a place by the start of the end of March of the Academic Year preceding enrolment

8. Is registration limited to nationals from certain countries or regions?
Aldar Academies welcomes registration is open to all nationalities.

9. Will the Aldar Academy Schools provide facilities for students with additional support needs?
We do have some resources to meet the requirements of children with additional support needs, these are very limited and we can only accept pupils who could successfully integrate into at least some of their classes with moderate intervention and support.

10. What is the tuition fee?
Tuition fees vary for school to school. For specific information you should visit the school web site where you are thinking of enrolling your child

11. Will there be any registration fees aside from tuition?
A non returnable registration fee of 1,000 AED is payable

12. Is transport being offered?
Yes, if there is sufficient support form parents school transport to and from the school to various pick up points will be arranged. The cost of this service will be covered through a charged levied at those who make use of it.

13. Are the school mixed or single gender?
Currently, our schools are all mixed Gender

14. By which official bodies is the school certified locally and internationally?
Our schools are all registered with the Ministry of Education in Abu Dhabi. Aldar Academy schools will be accredited to examination boards as appropriate.

15. Which language(s) will be used for teaching?
The curriculum will be delivered through the medium of English.

26. Will the school be offering Arabic and Islamic studies?
The school will meet the Ministry requirements with regard to the teaching of Arabic and Islamic Studies.

17. What sort of amenities will be available at the schools?
All our classrooms are equped with electronic white boards and additional amenities include a library, dining hall, ICT suites, large sports halls, outdoor playing fields, athletics tracks, swimming pools, and activity zones for all age groups.

18. Will there be any extra curricular activities and will students have to engage in some of these activities during weekends?
A wide range of after school activities will be provided. Occasionally some of these may take place at weekends.

19. Which types of sports will be taught in school?
Swimming, basketball, football , athletics etc..

20. Are all the teachers qualified?
Yes, all teachers are qualified and experienced to teach the curriculum being offered.

21. Is there an in-house cafeteria?
Yes, our school havea cooking kitchen and dining hall and will serve hot and cold nutritious meals and snacks to pupils and staff.

22. Will there be a registered nurse or (RN) a medical doctor (MD) on site?
A registered nurse will on site during the school day and at organsied sporting events

23. Will there be an additional charge for school books?
No, a proportion of the school fees is used to provide the school books.

24. Do Aldar Academy schools have a school uniform?
Yes, the school uniform will consist of a shirt, trousers, PE kit and bag for the boys and a Blouse, skirt or trousers and PE kit for the girls. These items must be purchased separately as they are not part of the school fees.

25. Are Aldar Academies a profit making organization?
No, once all the costs for salaries, loans, resources etc have been paid, any surpluses are invested in the school.